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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Fan Page Promotion Tips

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Many businesses have created Facebook Fan Pages, and perhaps you are one of them. But has your marketing team been having trouble coming up with ideas for content? Here are some suggestions for beefing up your Facebook Fan page in order to increase the number of fans, repeat visitors, interaction and lead generation:

1. Coupons: Many companies have started offering coupons or discounts via their Facebook fan pages. National brands have been doing this for some time. I will often “Like” certain brand’s Facebook pages in order to print coupons for free samples, foods that I would like to try, or discounts on products that I already buy. The viral marketing effect of this can be exponential. For example, my favorite breakfast food is my ZonePerfect chocolate almond raisin bar, and on their Facebook page recently, you could request a free sample of their newest flavor, Cookie Doughlicious. Nabisco Cookies’ Facebook page also offered a deal where you could print a coupon for free cookies when you purchased cookies and milk. But you don’t have to have a national brand to offer coupons or discounts. The Indianapolis Zoo has offered a discount admission through its fan page, which actually got me to take my kids to the zoo. Simply paste a graphic or link to a file with your coupon so fans can print and redeem your coupon. Make sure to include a code so that you can track responses. And also make sure that you don’t lose your shirt on coupons or samples, and are able to keep up with the demand that the new business might bring.

2. Make Important Announcements: Pampers used their Facebook page to announce their new line of designer diapers by Cynthia Rowley. This also allowed them to gain feedback via comments regarding the acceptance of the new line. Your company announcement could be as simple as welcoming a new member to your team, highlighting a recent client win, or promoting your company’s involvement in a local charitable event.

3. Survey your Customers: Want to know what’s on the mind of your customers, partners or prospects? Create a poll in Facebook and find out! The poll could be a simple one about which flavor of your product they like best, which topics keep your customers up at night, or what they think of a given subject. As long as your survey ties back into your business somehow, you have unlimited options. You can also simply ask a question of your fans to solicit feedback on any topic of concern.
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