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Face-to-face Selling Is Still Alive and Well

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

I can’t help but shake my head and chuckle at people who keep canceling meetings and conventions or skip their industry trade shows based on fear and cutbacks in budgets. Not only is this the wrong thing to do when members are counting on getting value for their association dues, but while others stay at home with their list or reasons (excuses) for not attending, I’m hopping planes to meet with people in the flesh.

I’ll be very direct with you now about what you should strongly consider if your employer cuts back on travel and expenses. If your company won’t pay for you to go to a key meeting or convention, dig in your own pocket and pay for it yourself. If it’s that important, quit whining and invest in yourself, your customers, and pick up new contacts and business. In both of my prior careers I always invested a healthy sum from my commission checks in books, seminars and travel that my employer would not cover. Hmm? If I invest in myself, it seems that everybody wins. My customers, business, family, and community all gain and benefit from this action.

Here are three, simple yet highly effective, tips to getting valuable face-to-face time with other people:
1. Promise speed
2. Get on the plane
3. Join and participate in key trade and association groups
To attend the October Indianapolis Small Business Marketing Idol Contest (or participate yourself), link to this page. Marketing Contest part of 10/8 Chapter Meeting.
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