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Do Your Salespeople Really Understand the Meaning of Customer Service?

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Sales is great customer service

I’ve been thinking alot about customer service lately and I’m convinced most companies haven’t a clue about what it is and how to deliver it. Of course these are my own thoughts and my own personal experiences but my hunch is that I’m not the only one with these experiences.

First of all, great salespeople have passion. Not only for what they sell but for life. It shows in how they build connections and network with people.

They have enthusiasm for all things good; and they spend time making “all things good.” Even things that aren’t good or things that go wrong or bump in the night. Consider the salesperson that finds out a big job is cancelled because the customer suddenly is taken ill and goes to the hospital. Rather than sitting around stewing and complaining about the commission loss, he/she runs to the hospital with the flowers.

When they speak, they smile and they have a twinkle in their eyes and it’s real. You just know they’re passionate. They’re passionate about what you’re doing or buying.

They are aware of the world around them and how they fit. In other words, it’s not “all about them.” It is truly about the other person in their presence.

They think of customers first as friends.

They develop interests outside of their industry so they can connect with their customers.

They care about their community and make an effort to support what’s important; through these associations they build life long friendships.

They network face-go-face and on line. They know that social media will help them stay close to their customers so they take the time to learn new skills.

They know it’s important to build “repeat and referral customers” so they find ways to stay in touch.

They treat their job as if it were their own business. They know it’s their job to market and follow through with their customers. They know that “consistency is better than good salesmanship.” Actually I think good salesmanship is consistency. (According to a study done by McKinsey, 70% buy because of how they’re being treated.)

Great salespeople don’t sell, pursuade, coerce–they educate.

They really care about other people, they are kind and it transcends the sales floor.

Over the past three months I have had many experiences as a customer, most “not so good” but some very, very good. I know the good experiences will stay with me forever.

They look for things to do and ways to satisfy their customers that are above and beyond what’s expected. I recently purchased a small camp and needed almost everything from heating to painting to cable services. My experiences were amazing–some great and some not so great.

The representative from Surbane Propane Gas who sees me pull into
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