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The Power of Patience in an Instant Everything World

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Here’s the biggest challenge facing most people today in relation to pursuing their dreams and passion. In an age of “instant everything” and the Internet, success rarely happens overnight. Most of the mega successful people I associate with have worked for years and through multiple setbacks to achieve their ultimate objectives. It also doesn’t help that we’ve increasingly become a “lotto” mentality society. I firmly believe that the term “get-rich-quick” is a bold faced lie. There are the occasional needles in the haystack that pull it off, but keeping and sustaining success for the long-haul is an entirely different story.

True champions know they’ll have to put the practice in like a top athlete and stretch much further than they ever thought possible if they really want to hit the goals they seek. New habits, associations and disciplines will be required. The classic quote from business philosopher Jim Rohn sums it up best: “No one can do your pushups for you.”

Far too many people wing it, give up or have no road map consisting of successful books, mentors, and the proper mindset to guide and push them to discover and go after their inner genius.

I never once found a class in my high school or college titled: Goal setting and Success 101. Far too many of our schools teach people book skills and completely skip the life skills component. What a tragedy. We have millions of high school and college graduates trying to enter the work force with lots of book skills but little if any success mindset skills. They go into the employment game with a severe disadvantage right out of the gate. I sometimes forget that I was blessed to not only have the ability to pursue a college degree but also become exposed to two things even more beneficial along the way: mentors and personal development.

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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