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Shouldn’t We Demand More of Our Lawyers?

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

What Is Trust?

What is a “trust”? A trust, in its simplest terms, is a legal arrangement whereby a person gives their property to another person (entrusts it to them) to hold manage and administer until a later time. Most importantly, it involves trusting the person who would hold the property.

What is “trust”? Trust, in its simplest terms, is the belief that another person will act in your best interest, will not act against your best interest, and will do no harm.

Whenever I hear “lawyer jokes” I take pause. I know a lot of great lawyers and a lot of lawyers who are great people. But like any other profession, there are good apples and bad apples. It may be that it is amplified with the legal profession, since working knowledge of the rules, regulations, and rule of law that govern how people and companies interact (and the pervasiveness of the rules and regulations) is very powerful; there is a certain vulnerability.

But we shouldn’t give our power away. Why don’t we demand that we be able to trust our attorneys and that they be trustworthy; demand that they care; demand that they respond and communicate with us; demand that they have our best interest at heart, not act against our best interest, and do no harm? For those who don’t, it’s time we start. We need not give our power away.

Tom Harper
Harper Legal Solutions and Consulting

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