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Praying for Rain

Monday, February 7th, 2011


You betcha, that’s what they were doing when I was in Orlando last month. Heck I bet they’ve got all the Indians from some Disney Movie in the back dancing and prancing around just trying to bust those clouds open.

And it worked, at least it seems to work just about every day in Orlando. Perhaps Walt knew what he was doing when he picked that spot.

So, why do you suppose they want it to rain so bad. You’d think an outdoor amusement park would fear for rain wouldn’t you.

Of course, unless, people travel from all over the world to come to your park and aren’t about to let a little water stand in their way. If that’s the case, as it is in Disney, why not just find a way to profit from it.

Try the $7.50 Disney Rain Poncho. Sold by the thousands… but who’s counting.

In every business there’s a ‘rain cloud’ that can be turned into profit, in some cases literally.

None the less, after I broke down and purchased my poncho, it sure enough stopped raining in about 5 minutes. Hey, I had a blast though. Nope, couldn’t make it over to the Magical Kingdom, but I enjoy Epcot like a kid in a candy store. Very interesting. And believe me, I studied. Talked to Cast Members, watched people, checked price points. Wow, what an experience.

Dan Kennedy, the marketing guru, swears by the fact that any serious Entrepreneur should visit Disney at least once each year, without the kids, because there’s just too much to learn. Oh, bring the kids, but on another trip.

And I’ll say, I’ve made that commitment to get back there this year.

I’ll give you 3 quick lessons from being at Disney.

#1 – They hold you hostage, keep you captive, and surround you with EVERYTHING Disney.

If you’ve been, you know what I mean. Know this, you’ve got to stay “on-site” it’s just a world of difference, you get the full effects, you see the magic happen.

Literally, you forget the outside world exists.

What are you doing to take your customers out of ‘everyday’ life and let them escape into your world. They all do want escape, you know that, don’t you?
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