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An Airline That Gets It

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

As my flight pulled into the numbered gate at Denver International, I quickly glanced out the window to my left and noticed the baggage carts as they pulled up to the side of another plane next to ours. A pretty normal event until I saw the bright orange message on the side rails of the super sized golf carts that read, “I CARRY FREE BAGS.” The color and size of the signs rolling by made it easy to read, but also achieved its intended goal of getting attention.

When I looked at the small logo next to the mini-billboard I wasn’t even surprised to see that the airline doing this clever form of promotion was none other than Southwest Airlines. Yes, the airline that consistently wins awards for customer service, innovation, and fresh ideas, but also one of the rare airlines that turns a profit on a regular basis.

Southwest’s entire company culture embraces friendliness, uniqueness, fun, and new ideas. What a novel idea! It still stuns me that the other major airlines often turn a blind eye or ignore and downplay what Southwest does to achieve success on many fronts. This to me is just plain foolish!

Since I fly many airlines and get no compensation or free flight vouchers from Southwest (hint, hint…), let me give you another big reason why they are so successful that any business or organization can model. They use creativity to stand out from the competition. While something as simple as putting a marketing message on luggage carts may not seem ground breaking, it was clearly effective as I also noted other passengers reading and pointing out the window at them from my Delta airplane.

Imagine if this same culture of creativity was employed and encouraged by more and more businesses? Heck, the post office for that matter. I can bet that these companies would not only have happier employees and customers, but also increased profits and growth. When these are present, here’s another thing that everyone these days is definitely looking for: more jobs.

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Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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