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Suavecito Tequila Tests Indianapolis Market

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Publisher’s Note: This article/press release is of interest, not only because of the information about the particular company, but because of the strategy it is using to test its product. Indianapolis is currently viewed as an ideal testing site for products and services because of its diverse demographics and its association with high exposure spoorts events drawing individuals to the center city.

An enterprising entrepreneur might target this testing niche and serve as a liaison for those companies wishing to do such testing.

Suavecito Tequila is being launched in the U.S. by Blue Agave Importers (Arvada, CO), in partnership with National Strategic (Wickliffe, OH), and Strategic Investment Management Group (Mentor, OH). Uniquely billed as ‘The World’s Smoothest Tequila’-Suavecito is 100% Blue Agave Tequila (35% ALC-VOL/ 70 Proof). Grown in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, the product uses only the finest ingredients in a proprietary formula and is manufactured and bottled by Destiladora Los Magos S.A. DE C.V.

The initial strategic launch of the new brand is currently targeted in Indianapolis, a key Midwestern market where trials and taste testing events have been successful throughout local bars and restaurants in the region. The Indianapolis launch, which began last year, currently boasts over eighty bars, restaurants, and licensed liquor stores carrying the Suavecito Tequila brand and is growing rapidly.

According to Blue Agave and Suavecito CEO, William Foss, “We chose the Indianapolis market as our key test market because it’s one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Additionally, the diversity of demographics in the region allows us to gauge the response from a wide variety of consumers and refine our target marketing to reflect those results.” Foss also noted that because tourism is also a vital part of the economy in downtown Indianapolis, with the city playing host to major sporting events and conventions, the market makes even more business sense as a barometer of diverse demographic and geographic trends.

Suavecito President and partner, Jake Dashnaw, indicated that the origin of the brand’s business strategy is born from the unique smoothness of the product itself vs. the myths and misconceptions of traditional tequila-typically a wince inducing reaction and recollection of hangovers past. According to Dashnaw, “The name Suavecito literally means ‘very smooth’ and the untapped and unlimited potential for the brand lies in the sophisticated cocktail culture which will drive the smooth tequila spirits sector.”

Jake Dashnaw, President, Suavecito Tequila

Dashnaw emphasized that the global spread of the cocktail culture means that bartenders and consumers alike are keeping their eye out for more unique spirits and ingredients in cocktails that help accentuate their lifestyles and individuality-like Suavecito.

According to Dashaw while the target audience so far for Suavecito is prominently women and men in their mid 20’s-to-40’s, older demographics are embracing it as well. Dashaw noted that, “Suavecito brings style & sophistication to the sensory experience across a broad range of demographics.”

The collaborative partnership group behind Suavecito is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality sensory experience, as the top PhD of Agave at the University of Guadalajara visits their farm every 6 weeks to test the soil and the plants to ensure that they are receiving the best nutrients. This optimum base of nutrient rich soil produces healthy agave plants that are filled with nectar. Finally, these cultivated ingredients are blended in a proprietary formula that requires only one distillation to cook out the methanol-the main culprit for hangovers.

In Indianapolis, Suavecito is exclusively distributed by Free Market Wine Group who can be reached at 317-405-8737

440.478.4493 /

EDITORIAL CONTACT: Ray Farrar / Method Media LLC

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