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3 Things Required To Dominate Your Marketplace

Sunday, September 8th, 2013


How to become the Big Fish in your market place, neighborhood, industry, or where ever you want to dominate:

First, Authority over your customer and marketplace. Doing things to demonstrate your knowledge and leadership and command over what you do and sell is critical. The best example I can give you is this – you will never find a heart surgeon asking the customer what to do next and or telling their customer that they “think it will work”. And your customers want the same confidence as someone operating on their family member. Money equals responsibility and when people hand you theirs they don’t want to have to do your job or wonder what the outcome will be, they want certainty. Confidence. Your Authority must be demonstrated and can be in specific ways.

Next, you need to have control over enough deal flow, enough prospects from lead generation systems to create the supply that will put you in high demand. You understand this, no matter how great you are, if people aren’t begging to become your customers you can’t become the big fish. Now, here’s the concept that you should understand, it has less to do with your actual customer count and demand in reality, but the perception of such. That’s the key. Like a lure to a fish, it’s about the perception.

Finally, there is one other ultimate positioning strategy that will allow you to be the big fish…that is this, the secret is to be the one in the influence position for your marketplace. Completely sought out by not just customers but competitors, by other people who are seeking your advice, following your lead, regardless of if they even tell you. Becoming a person of influence is the key to everything in your market place; and directly affects the other two things. And the good news is there are 3 top secret stealth strategies that you can do, literally, in a weekend that will change everything for you.

That’s it. Preparing to be the Big Fish requires these three things:


Scott Manning

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