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Can my business benefit from Facebook?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Are you asking yourself (or marketers like me):

• What’s the big deal about Facebook?
• Are you sure my business can benefit from Facebook?
• Why do I need to customize it? Everyone isn’t…

What’s the big deal about Facebook?
This social media network has over 600 million *active* users, of which over half check it daily, and the average daily session is over 20 minutes. Not to mention the fastest growing demographic is 65+. It’s not just a place for kids anymore; adults (people who would hire you and have money) are using Facebook more and more. Facebook is such an amazing, dynamic platform that allows you to interact with your customers and prospects. Now it’s fair play and expected for businesses to get involved in the conversations.

How cool is that? Prospects and customers WANT you in their conversations!

Facebook is another place for marketing and people can opt-in (aka “Like”) to your business. AND they can interact with you. Marketing and sales is a matter of leads; how many leads do you have and what are you doing with them. Facebook is another method of generating leads. The cost vs the ROI is in your favor to use Facebook.

In the end, your prospects and clients expect you to be on Facebook. And they expect you to use it regularly. There’s no excuse for not being on Facebook anymore, it’s all too easy and free.

Are you sure my business can benefit from Facebook?
Yes. I am absolutely sure. Naturally you need to have the right marketing strategy to make it work. Just having a fan page isn’t enough; you need to use it AND to maximize your impact you need to customize it (which I speak to in a moment).

Okay, if you still don’t believe me, how about this: would your business benefit from more qualified leads? Right now I’m not aware of any businesses that this would not help. So if your answer is yes (which it should be) then YES, Facebook can benefit your business.

The social/viral aspect of Facebook allows your friend’s friends to see about your business. Each time a fan interacts with you their friends see it. Another way to capture people’s attention and draw them in. Just imagine the value of your fans’ friends!

When done properly, your fan page is designed to bring in leads for your business. Naturally there’s still day-to-day work involved, and you’re on the right track when your fan page is custom designed for your target…speaking of…

Why do I need to customize it? Everyone else isn’t…
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