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What Makes a Great Salesperson?

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I met with Troy Burk of Right On Interactive recently, and he asked me a
great question – what makes a great salesperson?

I like meeting with Troy. He asks hard questions, is a good thinker, and
comes from the perspective of literally building Exact Target’s sales team
from the ground up.

I thought long and hard (for about 22-seconds…), and came up with the
following answers:
1.Hard Work – A salesperson can have the cleanest look, best lines, and a
resume that makes him look like a king, but if he is not willing to bust
his hump and make hundreds of calls, he’s worthless.
2.Listening – I have a client who is a horrible listener. He railroads
over what his clients are saying to him, and is a football field away
from catching what his clients “aren’t” saying to him. A great
salesperson is a fantastic listener, and can truly communicate their way
into closing a sale.
3.Connects the Dots – A salesperson who can connect the gaps between
where a clients vision for their company is and the challenges that it
will take them to get their with the salesperson’s product, is worth
their weight in gold. All a client cares about is “how can you get me to
my vision with your product”. Can your salesperson make that connection
for your prospects?

What other traits do you feel the greatest salespeople possess?

Jamar Cobb-Dennard

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