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Divide and conquer great strategy in war and sales

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

When a competitor has a strong hold on a prospect, or you and your company have little or no name recognition with the client, a divide-and-conquer sales strategy often is the best approach to success.

The United States is not a “base hit” society. We want the “home run.” The termite, however, brings down the oak tree, not the lightning bolt.

The divide-and-conquer strategy is one that is built on the premise that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It uses base hits to score runs. One of the following five approaches will get you on first base, and eventually to home.

Niche product or service
To get a foothold into a prospect account, you first must get the client to spend some dollars and time with you. The concept is to change your status from a vendor to an Advisor. To do this, you must put the client in a situation where he can make an easy decision to buy from you. Sell him a “niche” product or service. Once you are in, you then work to fortify the relationship and gain the client’s trust. This will open up other opportunities to grow the account.

Hostage speech
Another method is the “Hostage speech.” Tell the client that even though he is seeking bids for a specified product or service, there is a very low probability he will switch. The reason is that intellectually the client thinks he would move his business to another supplier, but emotionally he’s afraid because the risk is too great.
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