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Lifetime Buyout of a Co-Owner

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

When co-owners are united in striving toward common business goals such as growing revenue, building business value and increasing cash flow, the business dynamics can be wonderfully positive and strong. These owners move together to reach common goals. Contrast that bright picture with what can happen when, suddenly perhaps, the goals of the owners diverge.

Owner Disability and Other Lifetime Transfer Events

Most closely held business owners are full-time employees (and more) in their businesses. What happens when one of the owners wants or needs to leave the company?

Possible reasons for leaving are many, ranging from boredom to more dramatic and unexpected events such as the sudden disability of an owner. Let’s use owner disability to illustrate some of the significant issues raised when ownership goals are no longer aligned.

When disability strikes an owner, the company will endure substantial hardships, both economic and operational. More importantly, in the absence of a buy-sell agreement, the disabled owner’s income stream from the company also may evaporate. This problem confronted Steve Hughes, one of three equal shareholders in a growing advertising agency.

At age 38, Steve suddenly had a stroke. As with many stroke victims, his recovery was incomplete. Physically, he was the picture of health (his golf game even improved!); but he totally lost his ability to speak and read. Doctors told Steve he would never be able to return to work.
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