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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Businesses today are learning to cope, survive and then hopefully thrive in this “new” economy. Change for most people is painful, but for entrepeneurs it can be the best of times. Most of the long-term business owners I have worked with are linear thinkers. They aren’t afraid of processes. They actually lean on processes to function at the highest of levels. The volatility in the market today is calling for entrepreneurial thinking. An economy with $4.00 a gallon gas, housing starts in half and manufacturing as well as low-level labor being outsourced across borders.

The key to evolving your business model in this new economy is to define the “box” in which you reside, specifically define the sides of the box that make up your business.

1. Exceeding client expectations
a. How do we blow our prospects or customers minds with results and or “the” experience? Many times we will face some initial push back on changing the way we deliver our service in the new model so the results really do need to speak for themselves.

2. Budget, Profit and Stakeholders

Are we holding to a budget? Is the company making money and are employees happy and evolving? If these things cannot be met then our model is not sustainable, which means capital and people will eventually wear out.

3. DNA

Do we have the people to really get it done or how can we even leverage our people on a greater level to create more abundance? What are we doing that is against the organization’s DNA? I find in working with companies that when you simply ask the question, “What could you be doing if you didn’t do that anymore?” Or, if you fired that one high-maintenance client, how many more could you serve? The overwhelming theme is relief, power and the ability to once again accept challenges. Let’s face it businesses are just groups of people working towards common goals. If they feel good about their life, about their job – they will make the impossible, possible.

4. Time

Do we have the time to accomplish this change to survive the valley during the implementation of our new plan read full article »

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