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No One Can See Their Own Back Swing

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The idea of having a coach and the value of tapping into their experience and insight can bring is not a unique concept. If you have ever played golf, you know that your backswing is the foundational component of all that happens after it. It will determine the direction your ball travels, and at what speed. It also determines whether you end up where you wanted to be. It can also be the reason you strike the ball perfectly, or miss the ball completely.

The backswing is crucial to success in golfing, but no one can see their own backswing. So how do you fix it when you can’t see it and you don’t know what you are doing wrong? That is where the coach comes in. He is the one that has struggled before…maybe many times. But he learned how to fix it, and master it. The time it takes for you to correct and master it on your own can be significantly reduced and improved by listening to the coach. The greatest athletes we know: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Wayne Gretzky, are successful because they have excellent coaches helping them constantly improve their game. Business is just like sports, except the game is measured in years not minutes.

Privately owned businesses generate more than 50 percent of America’s gross domestic product and account for 80 percent of new jobs. Privately owned business is the economic engine that drives America. But there are also alarming statistics:

90% to 100% of owners take home pay comes from the company they own, 60% to 90% of their personal net worth is tied up in their business,
45% – 50% of business owners today, expect to exit from their business in the next 5 years

Business owners field nearly all of the problems brought by their employees, customers and shareholders, so the boss is exposed to massive amounts of negativity.

It’s lonely at the top. The point of most vulnerability for CEOs – they rarely feel safe in confiding with anyone within their company.

Just as professional athletes find coaches to be huge game changers for them, many business owners have found that CEO coaching dramatically improves their performance, the performance of their direct reports and the performance of the company overall.

You are probably thinking how would a CEO coach help me and my company? Here is a list of comments clients have given me, on how coaching helps them:

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