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Sourcing Top Talent for Your Business

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Every time I start recruiting, I have to remind myself that finding the right person is all about relationships and resources.

Here is my opinion about the most popular mass methods of recruiting:

Career Builder and Monster? Boooooo…

I just finished an assignment where I was the recruiting/training manager, and was tasked to hire and train 30 new people a month. Here is my perspective from ALOT of experience in dealing with these sites.

Mass posting sites like CB and Monster are a hiring manager’s worst nightmare. Most of the applicants:

– Don’t know who you are or why they want to interview with your company – When you call an applicant from a mass posting site, they probably won’t remember you or your company; and will overtly tell you that during your initial call or email. I don’t know about you, but I want to interview people who are actually interested in our mission.

– Are probably lying

– Are not creative or resourceful – They’re following the crowd of job seekers and have not stepped out of the box to find a job. What kind of thinker do you want working for your company?

– Are leery of you – If their resume is on a mass posting site, they have been barraged with spam and MLM opportunities. Good luck making your small business stand out as legitimate amongst the crowd of job scammers approaching your applicants

– Are not the highest quality – If they were top talent, wouldn’t they have been recruited or referred through someone they know by now?

– Are a needle in a haystack; at least the qualified ones are – If you put a position on a mass posting site, you will literally get hundreds resumes. NOW try finding the dime pieces!

Here are the top 4 places to look for new talent:

– Your network – Your network knows you, your business, and SOMEONE who would be a great fit for you. Send the people you trust a simple email stating what you are looking for, and just watch the qualified applicants roll in.

– Craigslist/LinkedIn – I wouldn’t post an ad, but I would take the time to carefully scour the posted resumes. Creative, hard working people take the time to put an additional posting on craigslist.

– Career Fairs – Press some flesh and meet 60 applicants at once. The WORST is when you screen a great resume from an online posting, and then you meet the person and they look NOTHING like their profile picture (oh wait, wrong topic…). Meet them ahead of time to save yourself some time and the agony of ‘resume-liars’!

– Social Networking – A simple status posting will draw lots of attention from your online friends who would like to help you. Spread the word and spread it quickly through your social networks.

Good recruiting takes a lot of work, time, patience, and being led by your gut. Give it the attention it needs; your business deserves it!

Jamar Cobb-Dennard

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