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Business Inefficiencies…A Walmart Story

Monday, May 16th, 2011


I picked up my hubby’s anniversary present from Walmart – not only was it a week late, I did get it from Walmart. Here’s the thing, I used their site-to-store program as they didn’t carry an electronic wok in stock, and it was quite easy to order on the internet and I got a text updating me when it arrived at the store. Very convenient and very efficient, right?

Well, that’s when efficiency ended because then the human element was added in. I went in, showed my text and my ID, and I was told that someone else would be up to help me since it was a site-to-store item. They called her up from the back end of the store, took her a bit of time to make it to the front of the store, she looked it up and then said she would be back as she needed to go back to the back of the store to retrieve the items. Hmmmm – didn’t she just come from there? Could they not see how inefficient this really was? I thought maybe this was just some oddity, one-time lack of efficiency in their service, but heard from others they had the same exact scenario.

Even though Walmart is a HUGE company and Sam’s relatives are still making a bundle of money every year, inefficiencies in most businesses keep you from being productive, which holds back your ability to be successful (be it more time or more money or both).

What do you find that you are less efficient at? Maybe we can help each other out with some pointers. Also, ever heard of Robby Slaughter with Slaughter Development? He’s a process engineer, and his company could help the big deals like Walmart and the smaller folk just like you and your business.

Serina Kelly

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