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Eliminating “Bad Days” and the bubble that will never burst!

Friday, September 9th, 2011


Recently I stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville…which happens to be very similar to one big giant bubble, all-encompassing with everything you need to enjoy a full experience under one roof, or in this case, under 3 greenhouse style atriums.

Simply driving into the Gaylord you immediately feel moved to a place separate from everywhere else. And inside, you enter a refreshing natural environment in their amazing atriums that captivates you and removes you from the “outside” that you came
in from.

I just love “destination” locations, especially when they get it right.

While at the Gaylord the service was incredible, more than adequate staff, always
helpful, and taking great pride in their work. In the resort everything is
self-contained inside of the “bubble”.

You can take leisurely walks, float down their river in a little boat, take in the waterfalls and enjoy many more relaxing things. One of my favorites was watching the “dancing fountain” that put on an incredible display themed to different music and it was fun.

Of course, we ate at their top of the line restaurant, which was magnificent and an
investment valued more than the one night stay…I’m happy to report we filled every
corner of the table with different desserts, (my idea) and yes, it was just enough
for the two of us to enjoy!
(we are both still skinny – Maddy made me insert this)

The waiter was superb, and in less than 3 minutes at the table, I’d already decided
that this will be one of the locations for our Traveling National Mastermind Group
next year…and an experience it will be. Same waiter will be essential.

Anyhow, a couple quick things, every word out of every employees’ mouth was
scripted, no time to explain, or go through details, but believe me, I ask
questions, I push them, I see what they’re made of and reward them for the show.

From the hostess to the valet to the maids and maintenance, it was all planned out
and executed beautifully.

We ate breakfast the next morning at the waterfalls and just to sum it up, I ordered
(didn’t eat, but ordered) the $23 pastry basket simply to set on the table and look
at – everything was THAT good.

Another thing I’ll point out, and then I will tell you why it’s so important for you…
I asked many employees how long they had been there and what position they started
in. 4 out of 5 were more than 5 years, one just over a year, even that one, started
somewhere simple and moved up.

They have a delicate and deliberate process for grooming people and giving them room
to grow.

Finally, when I asked the waiter of 9 years (who also had a little side business of playing Jazz at some local clubs downtown), why 9 years, here…what’s the big deal about the Gaylord?

He responded immediately, stepped back from the table looked up at the ‘artificial’
stars and the real moonlight through the atrium glass, he gazed around, he looked
back and said, “what’s better than the Gaylord…you can’t have bad days inside

Now, let’s be clear, it really is comparable to Disney, to Vegas, just not as grand
a scale; it’s for different people. I love them all, same concepts apply to all
three…this just a DIFFERENT experience, different ENVIRONMENT.
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