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The One Definitive Reason You Didn’t Get Hired

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Oh, it was a good job, a really good job, and you wanted it badly! You made it through the screenings. You made it through round one of interviews. Your qualifications shined in the second and final round with several key stakeholders. You were qualified, all right. And so were all the candidates at your level. Why didn’t you get the job? Here’s the definitive answer: It’s not a good “cultural fit”.
Make sure your approach next time is calm and comfortable while you’re giving intelligent answers during the interview. And when the time is right, ask 7 quality questions which help them to see that you are as interested in a good cultural fit as they are.
Start a conversation about what constitutes “culture” and “success” at this company. Try questions such as:
• What personalities, behavioral styles, and work traits are a good cultural fit here?
• What would the spouses of key people in this company (or department) say about the culture of this company? (Note a red flag if the person hesitates to answer or gives a snide comment)
• How can I, if chosen, contribute significantly to the company’s (or department’s) main goals – short term and long term?
• What makes a good employee a “great” employee in this company (or department)?
• Tell me about a super project that has been underway recently – how did the company (or department) manage to get favorable results?
• How many people contributed to that success and in what ways?
• How would you have expected me to contribute to that success?
By learning about the company’s culture – and allowing the company representative to tell you all about it – you’ll be better prepared to make your decision. And the company will get to know you better as a person who cares enough about its success to ask the right questions; a trait every company wants.

Ellen Dunnigan
Accent On Business

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