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Why We Don’t Reach Our Goals – Accountability, Responsibility, Frustration

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Why We Don’t Reach Our Goals – Accountability, Responsibility, Frustration

Magic wands, Aladdin’s lamp, wishing wells, fairy godmothers, even Pixie Dust… all symbolize our ultimate desire to transform our dreams into reality.

The fact is, most of us have big dreams, but sometimes the gap between our
dreams and our reality is vast.

* We expect to be at a place where we don’t worry about cash flow, but
we do
* We expect to work and worry less – it hasn’t happened
* We expect to have retirement in our sights, but it keeping moving
further away
* We expected to be in a place where we were nearly debt free; but we
aren’t close

If the gap between your dreams and reality is larger than it should be, look
at how you are approaching your goals and see if you are making any of these
fatal mistakes:

You have no structure in place for creating what you want.

Every year you probably make some goals or resolutions for your business and
they begin to work for you. But, then there is a few set backs, lack of
time and they slowly move to the back of your subconscious and then are
forgotten. Then next year you start the same process all over again. These
actions have no strategy, no accountability and no plan to correct.

You’re not setting goals, you’re making wishes. Goals only work when you
work on them consistently. Make sure that they are: specific, measureable,
achievable, realistic and time-sensitive. For example, if you have a goal
of growing revenue 10% in the next year, break it down into months, and
measure to it monthly. At the end of the first month (you don’t have to
start in January to do this) did you hit the target? By breaking down a 10%
revenue growth into months, you are focusing for 30 days on your revenue
goal. YOU can even break it down into weeks – make it fun and rewarding.

You’re relying on incomplete, outdated procedures.
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