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Lessons from the Legendary Brian Tracy

Friday, April 6th, 2012

I was blessed recently to spend 45-minutes on the phone interviewing business and personal development legend Brian Tracy. It was a dream come true and an absolute joy to go mind-to-mind with such a prolific agent of positive of change. We discussed his new book Earn What You’re really Worth and what successful people do differently than those who struggle. It was not only instructive, but he shared so many strategies that I could barely keep up.

It was not easy to sort through all the mental mind nuggets and wisdom from our time together, but here are three key things we discussed during our telephone interview that I’d like to share with the Mind Capture Nation.

#1. Life-long learning is a non-negotiable. Brian’s story is unique and inspiring. He dropped out of high school and for years drifted from job to job with little if any direction. Then, an awakening occurred and he realized that he should get around successful people and learn the lessons they teach.

For example, we discussed how he was asked to write a book on time management (Tony note: one of my personal favorite books by Brian!) a few years ago. He shared the intense amount of research he did over a one-year period from reading multiple books on the topic, attending the best seminars on the topic, and pulling best practices not from just the U.S., but also from his travels to Europe and the rest of the world.

This impressed me for one central reason: he treated the book and learning about the topic of time management as a huge priority. He spent lots of time studying and learning additional strategies on the topic to help insure that he not only produced a great book, but that he also grew his skill-set on the topic at the same time.

#2. The three major factors that are disrupting the current economy. The three factors we discussed are information explosion, technological revolution and increased competition. In true Brian fashion he explained why this is so important to not only understand but what each of us can do to not only address it, but stay a step ahead of it.

A central point Brian shared is that we have far too many people not upgrading their skills even if they’ve attended university. Skills and knowledge become outdated very quickly and he hammered home while ALL top achievers focus relentlessly on life-long learning. It serves as almost a natural high due to endorphins being released when the mind is positively engaged and learning new information.
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