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So, you want to make more money huh?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


Here are some quick and specific strategies to grow your business that take little to no out of pocket money to invest. Which by the way doesn’t mean anything, because you should be willing to invest money to make money and grow your business, nevertheless, here they are:

Grow your business by getting more customers.

The fastest way to grow your business by getting more customers is to go straight to
your current customer base and execute referral marketing campaigns. If I were you
and going to do this I would do the following…

Go to your top buyers and best customers with a private invitation to join you for
an appreciation dinner asking them to invite some of their closest friends and
family whom they think could also benefit from being a customer of yours. I would
promise some big announcement and some special giveaways.

Next I would go to your entire list and do a 2-4 week blitz of “save a friend” or
“bring a buddy” to some special giveaway or valuable premium for anyone who refers
and for the referral; this will grow your list and you will have an immediate
opportunity to offer something irresistible to the people who opt-in or come in to
your store or website.

Finally, I would go to any vendors or suppliers or businesses who sell to your
customers and get them involved in the contest or special sales promotion of the
season. Offer things to their staff and owners for promoting to their customers.
Team up, reciprocate, make it easy.

Okay, how do you like those strategies to grow your business by getting more customers?

Next way to grow your business is by getting more money from your customers;
basically, this is simple, increase your transaction sizes. The fastest way to do
this is obvious, raise your prices. The other way and the more advanced strategy is
to add or create a premium level of your business service or product and then
promote it to your best buyers as the “big new thing” and “what’s next” for them.

The third way to grow your business is to increase your customer frequency of
purchase or transactions, meaning get more money out of them more often.

The obvious way to do this is to create some membership program or routine
transaction that must repeat. Every business can come up with something like
this…sometimes it takes some creativity, sometimes it takes you changing the way
you do business, reconditioning your customers, etc. But, there is always an
opportunity to make this happen. This is a real game changer because you are
selling to the easiest customer to sell to, someone who is already a believer, trust
you, and has bought before; this is where real wealth in your business can be

Okay, get to work on these three ways to grow your business and the specific
strategies I’ve given you; none of them require investments on your part, all
free money for you to pick up. See how much and how many you can get put into
motion. Go out and make some-thing happen.

Scott Manning

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