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Three Simple Things YOU Can Do to Make Your Business Grow

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

I’d like to share with you three key strategies that even the best sales and marketing pros either overlook or sometimes fall off the wagon and forget to focus upon. Some are common sense and a couple of strategies we’ll explore are a stiff reminder that we must never settle and allow complacency to creep in and sabotage our marketing efforts in our quest to serve more people and increase profits.

#1. Update your marketing evidence. Business is about credibility and it’s still staggering the amount of businesses that have websites, corporate brochures, and sales messages that ramble on with items related solely to the features and benefits of their offering. Remember, people are busy, skeptical, and believe little if anything when they’re shopping around for options. In addition, in the age of Google, most people are going online first to do research in regards to a possible purchase before ever daring to reach out and connect with a potential provider(s).

With this change in the buying and investigation process it’s in your best interest to continually update key areas of marketing proof across all areas of your sales messaging. Here are five non-negotiable forms of proof every business and non-profit should seek to use and update on a regular basis:

*Testimonials – printed and via video (only with permission from the client and compliance)

*Pictures and video of the team, product in action and other short forms of visual proof

*A strong guarantee if possible – back up your claims in a big way and put it front and center in your messaging and presentations

*Client lists and years in business – prove that you know what you’re doing via a solid track record of customer success and number of years you or the company have been in the business

*Positive articles about you, the industry, and products/services you offer

#2. Focus on the best client prospects with the most pain. It’s
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