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Salespeople That are Passionate Truly Believe What They Sell Helps

Monday, November 15th, 2010

During a training session with a client the entire sales force was in the room, all from different locations. I noticed two particular individuals who had completely different personalities and located in 2 different states which meant they only spoke when the entire company was together. After a short time frame I finally heard this statement from one of the reps to the other: “Your bubbly-ness is overbearing!” The other rep replied with “I am just an enthusiastic person!”

This led to a nice discussion among the group. How many of us have seen that sales person who is overbearing? The one where everything is always absolutely perfect and your instinct tells you this may not be the case? Enter enthusiasm vs passion. I asked the group what do you think the difference is? The majority of them all agreed on this answer:

Enthusiasm can be forced or fake, Passion is sincere and what drives people to strive for more.

Next time you are in front of a prospect ask yourself: are you enthusiastic about your business or are you passionate? People who are passionate truly believe what they do helps people. They challenge prospects in a nurturing way because they know they are in business for a reason. People who are enthusiastic may find themselves making a lot of friends and NOT making a lot of sales.

Aaron Prickel
Lushin & Associates, Inc.

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