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Danny O’Malia

Danny Omalia – April 8th, 2014
Danny’s guest was his good friend Barb Hook of HOOK CONNECT. Barb is one SUPER NETWORKER and in this interview she tells you how Hook Connect can help you to connect with people you want to know.

Danny Omalia – March 11th, 2014
Danny’s guest was Brad Boyd, Exec. Dir. of the downtown Kiwanis and we heard all the good things going on with Kiwanis.

Danny Omalia – February 11th, 2014
Danny’s guest this week has created a new product called LIFE WIPES. He is Tony
Kantzavelos, a local pharmacist who noticed over the years many
customers looking for over-the-counter eye cleansing products. Hearing
time and again that the products available were less than ideal, he
developed LIFE WIPES and i can tell you they really help. They’re now
available in some 40 locations, including my client Revolution Eyes in
Clay Terrace. Find out where else you can purchase LIFE WIPES if you
have sensitive eyes. You’ll be glad you did!

Danny Omalia – January 15th, 2013
Danny’s guest this week was Kendra Clauser of the Indiana Historical Society.

Danny Omalia – August 21st, 2012

Danny Omalia – July 31st, 2012

Danny Omalia – July 24th, 2012

Danny O’Malia – July 17th, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Jon Quick, Indy media maven.

Danny O’Malia – July 10th, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Kurt Meyer, Business and Professional Exchange.

Wayne Brewer – July 3rd, 2012
Wayne Brewer of Black Hat Auction subbed for Danny this week and discussed aptly enough freedom and entrepreneurship.

Danny O’Malia – June 26, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Charlie Doertman, PIP Avon. Very interesting discussion of technology and the future of print biz.

Danny O’Malia – June 19, 2012

Danny O’Malia – June 12, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Orion Bell from CICCOA. Central Indiana Council on Aging.

Danny O’Malia – June 5, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Russ Dodge, local radio maven.

Danny O’Malia – May 29, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Bill Noel, Netheads, with a discussion about fun computer education.

Danny O’Malia – May 22, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Mike West, Fast Times Indoor Karting, with a “500″ theme.

Danny O’Malia – May 15, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was James Belt of Fabric Care Dry Cleaning and they discussed customer service in James’ business.

Danny O’Malia – May 8, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Chris Walczack from the Indy Visitors’ Channel.

Danny O’Malia – May 1, 2012
Danny’s guest this week was Abdul Hakeem Shabazz of Handicapping the primaries!

Danny O’Malia – April 24, 2012
Danny’s guest for this week was Jeff Steve Murphy, John Maxwell Leadership Training.

Danny O’Malia – April 17, 2012
Danny’s guest for this week was Cal Burleson, GM of the Indianapolis Indians.

Danny O’Malia – April 10, 2012
Danny’s guest for this week was Don Frick, Director of Fixed Operations for the Tom Wood Automotive Group.

Danny O’Malia – April 3, 2012
Danny’s guest for this week was Bob Teipen. A graduate of Cathedral High School; he’s a CPA with his own local firm but more specifically he founded and is the majordomo of Catholic Radio Indy 89.1.

Danny O’Malia – March 27, 2012
Danny’s guest for this week was Andy Carson of Sycamore Commercial Lending. Andy’s company specializes in small biz loans, often times to companies the bank has turned down.

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Hazel Walker

Hazel Walker – August 21, 2012

Hazel Walker – July 17th, 2012
Hazel’s guest this week was Victoria Mavis, also known as the Queen of Coffee ConversationsTM. Victoria is a speaker, best selling author and human resource (HR) expert that is regularly sought out by business owners and member organizations for her integrated approach in balancing people programs with HR compliance to produce profits.

Hazel Walker – June 19, 2012
Hazel’s guest this week was Alana McKinney, Executive Director, BNI Marketing Northern Illinois and Award Winning Best Selling Author.

Hazel Walker – May 15, 2012
Hazel’s guest this week was Paula Frazier, author of Building the Ultimate Network. Paula is one of six elite Master Trainers for Referral Institute®, an international referral training and consulting company. She is also a long time Executive Director for BNI®.

Hazel Walker – April 17, 2012
Hazel’s guest this week was Thomas J. Couzens, President, Brand X Research Corporation. The topic was Marketing to Women, who has it right and who has it wrong.

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Serina Kelly

Serina Kelly – August 14th, 2012

Serina Kelly – July 10th, 2012
Serina interviewed Nikki Lewellan, business development director
for Rainmaker Marketing Group, and sharing some of her top 10 tips to making your networking work.

Serina Kelly – June 12, 2012
Serina’s guest this week was Pat Altvater, owner of AFP Marketing Group, who brings to the table 15 years of sales and marketing experience as well as over 10 years now as an entrepreneur. Her focus is to help small businesses showcase their expertise using video. Pat is also an author with magazine articles, ezine columns and a book, Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within, to her credit.

Serina Kelly – May 8, 2012
Serina’s guest was Kristie Bradford of Capow, a company which resides at the creative convergence of Branding, Embroidery, Photo Products, Promotional Products, Rhinestone Apparel, and Screen Print. They will be discussing branding your business through unique marketing ideas.

Serina Kelly – April 10, 2012
Serina’s guest this week was Troy Hanna, Director of Business Development of AddressTwo, a CRM software company.
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John Gifford

John Gifford – July 24th, 2012

John Gifford – July 3rd, 2012
John’s guest this week was Wayne Brewer of Black Hat Auction. Wayne will discuss the advantages of multiple businesses.

John Gifford – June 5, 2012
John’s guest this week was Darlene Willman, Executive Director of the U.S. Small Business Conference, most recently held May 18th in Carmel, and founder of ACCOMPLISH Coach and ACCOMPLISH Magazine & Radio – a professional speaker, author and business mentor.

John Gifford – May 29, 2012
John’s guest this week was Jeffrey Gitomer, author of 12 best-selling books including the Little Red Book of Selling and the newly released Social BOOM!: How to Master Business Social Media.

John Gifford – May 1, 2012
John’s guest this week was Thresette Briggs, Founder and President of Performance 3, LLC. The topic was: getting an organization to perform at peak capacity.

John Gifford – April 3, 2012
John’s guest for this week was Rochelle Ward of JaRWard Travel Co. who discussed the origin of her passion for travel.

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Deseri Garcia

Deseri Garcia – June 26, 2012
Deseri’s guest was Laura A. Borders, CTRS MS Ed, Program Director of SPICE Challenge Program. The topic was Empowerment: A tool for managing bullies(Aggressors/Lions) in the workplace.

Deseri Garcia – May 22, 2012
Deseri’s guest this week was Dr. Theresa Bayt, and the topic was: Create Your Optimal Health Vision.

Deseri Garcia – March 27, 2012
Deseri’s topic: “Discover Your Authentic Voice Through Fashion”
Guest: Sola A. Adelowo, ImageCube, LLC

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Wayne Brewer – August 9th, 2012

Wayne interviewed Alissa Thompson of Southport Antique Mall.