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Indiana Guitar Show returns to Indy

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
Eddie Prather and Doug Spencer of the Indiana Guitar Show

Eddie Prather and Doug Spencer of the Indiana Guitar Show

Guitar lovers and those who appreciate all things associated with guitars will want to visit the Indianapolis Airport Radisson this Sunday.

The Indiana Guitar Show is back.

From 11 AM to 6 PM Sunday, the Indiana Guitar Show is a one-day musical frenzy. All sorts of instruments are sold, bought and traded in one location.

And it’s not just guitars; all types of stringed instruments – guitars, of course, plus basses, fiddles, mandolins, etc – are available, according to Eddie Prather, owner of Minor Prophet Studios and one of the event organizers.

“We also have a few band instruments and drums,” Prather said. “Plus other equipment such as PA gear, Mics, recording gear, and more. There will also be sound absorption companies like Auralex to help solve troubled studio specs or houses of worship and any other accessories like tuners.”

The Indiana Guitar Show had been running for 18 years before the original organizer decided to stop for personal reasons. That was four years ago when Prather and Doug Spencer were asked if they wanted to get involved.

“Doug Spencer and I had been involved in a smaller show in Muncie with Jerry Engle the past three years,” Prather said. “He didn’t really enjoy doing the show and asked me to take it over. After several months of persuading, I relented and took over the show; asking Doug to co-promote it with me. We contacted the previous owner of The Indiana Guitar Show and asked to buy the name from him, so we could pick up the show as it was from back in the days when it took place at the Indiana State Fair.”

One of the first things Prather and Spencer did was relocate the event away from the Indiana State Fair.

“We decided after looking at multiple sites to change the venue to The Airport Radisson right off I- 465 and I-70,” Prather explained. “There was really easy access for those who would be coming in from out of town and locals could also get there much easier than the fairgrounds which is difficult to get to and costs $5 just to get into the parking lot, even before getting their admission to the show.

“We chose it because parking was free and the rate for a one day show was reasonable and very easy access.”

The Radisson offered one thing even more appealing – a buffet. This eliminated the need to line up food vendors as well as guitar vendors.

“They agreed to run a buffet the whole event,” Prather noted. “People can pay for a buffet and then walk in and out of the buffet area due to the two rooms that the Guitar show is in is attached to the buffet room.”

More than 115 tables of equipment from vendors across the country are available for perusal with vendors from across the country – Chicago, Detroit, Tempe Arizona, South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Nashville and all over the Midwest.

Admission to the event is $8, and parking is free. People are encouraged to bring their vintage instruments in to have the dealers look them over and give them an idea of their worth nationally.

“Some of these guys are primarily buyers,” Prather said. “They bring thousands of dollars with them to buy all sorts of musical stuff that they will pick up in Indiana so we welcome people to bring their musical items for trading, & selling.

“It’s like being an American Picker,” Prather said. “An American Guitar Picker!”

For more information or for those interested in purchasing a display tables or admission can contact me at (317)-272-5222 or by email at

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