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You’ve Got 2 Know about Got2Know

Friday, August 6th, 2010


Indianapolis Small Business – Tell Your Own Story

Got2Know is a national video production & social media company based in Carmel (Indiana, not California). Our mission says it all –“Helping you succeed in life, via video” — we see it as our job to connect the 217 MILLION people that are online everyday to the 8 million+ businesses that have great products and services that these people want to know about. And we do so through VIDEO.

Our local clients range from the Indiana State Police (for example, to Meyer Najem to Commonwealth Engineering to The Children’s Museum. Nationally, we have provided services to well known authors, motivational speakers, global companies, non-profits, etc. We have been fortunate to “shoot” and “edit” videos from Bill Clinton to Margaret Spellings to Tony Dungy to Drew Barrymore. We have produced over 1,800 videos in the past year and half.

Getting to where we are now has been a complicated journey. It is almost impossible for us to believe that the journey began 3 ½ years ago. At times it seems like 1 year but to be honest, most of time, it seems like 5 years! Shortly after choosing a name and while on my way to a conference, I heard a stranger say “So, what is it that I “got2know?” as he sat beside me on a short flight to NYC from D.C. The fact that he thought the name was catchy was a good sign, right?
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