Articles by Barb Smith

Top Leadership Forum Coming to Indiana

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Leadership Horizons Announces Affiliation with
Internationally-Acclaimed Adizes Institute

The internationally-recognized Adizes MethodologyTM and Top Leadership Forum is being offered for the first time to entrepreneurs and C-level executives in Indiana by Leadership Horizons, Carmel, IN. Based on Dr. Ichak Adizes’ work with global organizations spanning more than 35 years, TopLeaF unlocks the secrets of the corporate lifecycle to help businesses push through traditional barriers of growth and create sustainable organizations.

“Most entrepreneurs and top executives of emerging businesses struggle with how to achieve an adaptable, self-perpetuating organization. TopLeaF provides just that–a methodology for creating sustainability in a learning environment with highly-respected peers. It’s a powerful combination for organizational growth that works.” Ron Ernst, President, Leadership Horizons
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