About Indy Smallbiz

“Indy Smallbiz is the new monthly newsmagazine that will focus on the needs and interests of the small business community. The aim of Indy Smallbiz is to help your business grow and increase your profit. As you read our newsmagazine, we want you to learn something new to help your business or to appropriate a business strategy from one of our stories into your own business. Foremost, we want our publication to evoke action on your part.” – John Gifford


Premier Issue

  • Publisher & Editor
    John Gifford
  • Chief Operations Officer
    Scott Manning
  • Managing Editor
    Jay Moore
  • Layout & Graphics
    Robert L. Flott
  • Photographer
    Stan Gurka
  • Communications Liaison
    Rhonda Beecroft

Our Mission

Indy Smallbiz has a clear mission to maintain the highest level of publishing integrity and responsiveness to the business community it serves, while providing quality journalism, research, topic selection and graphic design through a team of professionals and state of the art technology.


Correspondence should be addressed to: Indy Smallbiz (address on Contact Us page), or Email messages may be sent to: johng@indysmallbiz.com.

Letters to the editor are welcome. We reserve the right to refuse, edit or alter letters for clarification or space. All letters must be submitted with a name and phone number for confirmation purposes. Addresses will be omitted upon request.

Written and photographic materials will be considered (please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelop for return) with the understanding that Indy Smallbiz and its employees shall not be held responsible for loss or injury. Indy Smallbiz assumes no liability for damages due to errors or omissions.

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