March 2016 Articles

Relentless and Obsessed

Thursday, March 31st, 2016


Someone once told me I was relentless and obsessed. I took it as a negative personality flaw. It made me feel like I needed balance. Over the years I learned to like my obsessive characteristics. If I focused on the right things this could be a positive thing. About a week ago I started reading a book called Relentless, “From Good to Great to Unstoppable” by Tim S. Grover.

Grover trains the best athletes in the world on recovery, getting stronger and mental toughness. You may have heard of Michael Jordan, one of the best athletes he trained..

The characteristics he finds in his best athletes is their sellout commitment to outwork their opponents. These athletes own their space on their field or court and in their sport.

Think about the toughest competitor you have competed with in business, life, health or even spirituality.

Were you willingly committed and relentless to win at all expenses of time, energy, and money?

Just think about how scary it is to face someone who is willing to die to get better.

Jordan was the most relentless, obsessed, and focused individual in the game. There were many that matched and exceeded his physical stature, but it was his steely eyed determination, and relentless obsession to be better than the rest of the league that separated him from the good. It didn’t stop there, it made him the best.

It is unreasonable to be relentless and obsessed. Jordan, Jobs, Gates, Picasso, and Hemingway were so unreasonable in their pursuits they became the best.

Tony Scelzo
Gear Marketing

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