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Monday, June 1st, 2015


Mike Angle (left), owner of Window Genie of Mooresville with son Joseph

Mike Angle (left), owner of Window Genie of Mooresville with son Joseph

(MOORESVILLE, Ind.)—Mike Angle served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1980-1985. After working for United Airlines for 17 years, the veteran decided that it was time for a change and, along with wife Karen, chose to open his own Window Genie franchise located at 8717 N Country Club Road and serving Hendricks County, Camby, Mooresville, Greenwood and South Indianapolis areas. With the franchise famous for its “big three” services—window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing—Angle is leveraging leadership skills earned from his military service with the franchise system lauded in 2014 by Money Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine and a host of other media for its franchisee growth success.

Angle opened his Window Genie business in 2011 with his wife, inspired by the harsh realities of the economic climate at the time.

“My wife had to take a 40 percent pay cut at her own job in 2010,” said Angle. “That gave us reason to pause and ask ourselves ‘What are we doing? Let’s go in business together.’ We located a business coach who recommended three different franchises. Window Genie was the clear standout due to the support it provides for franchisees, making our choice an easy one.”

Now, Angle’s son, Joseph, an E-5 Marine with eight years of service time under his belt, is slated to join the proud father and mother at Window Genie. With his start date slated for June, Angle is preparing for a Father’s Day unlike any other.

After nearly four years of business, Angle can now safely say that the couple’s choice was the right one to make. But with the addition of Joseph, Angle said, the business takes on special significance to him.

“We’ve provided full-service cleaning solutions that others don’t—not only do we clean windows, but we clean gutters, we power wash concrete, home exteriors and decks, and we install window tinting—which has made us a success,” said Mike. “But now that my son’s joining the team, ensuring the continued success of Window Genie means ensuring a business that will be his to run years down the line. Window Genie provides a system that makes me confident that the business will be there for him when it’s time.”

As he prepares for the introduction of his son to the Window Genie of Southwest Indianapolis team, Angle looks ahead to budding industry trends.

“Washed windows make an obvious impact in terms of increasing a home’s aesthetics, but window tinting is definitely coming into play more as well,” said Angle. “A properly tinted window can prevent harmful rays from damaging furniture and can help keep homes cooler, benefiting both homeowners’ wallets and the environment.”

Mike Angle
Window Genie of Southwest Indianapolis
317-414-4772 ext 8

For more information, contact:
Jason Sophian
Sanderson & Associates

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