The Power of Follow Up in Action

by Tony Rubleski - April 17th, 2015

I received a referral from a fan of my work in early January regarding the possibility of me speaking at her association’s annual meeting this December in New Orleans. This happens each week and I never take an introduction for granted and always do my best to follow up.

There’s a picture I show in many of my keynotes that demonstrates why follow up is of huge importance in the sales process. I can easily say that my own experience and with many clients that a lot of sales occur after the third or fourth contact with a prospect. What I’m about to share with you, helps prove this out.

Here’s a list below showing my follow up over the last two and half months with the association President whom I was referred to regarding speaking at their annual event in New Orleans and the end result:

1. Mid-January I sent the association president a follow up email
2. A week later I left a voicemail
3. A few weeks go by and I check back in with the person that sent me the referral
4. She sends a second email to the association President
5. I leave a voicemail a week later as he’s traveling
6. Speak with key contact when I call main number who handles the event, who next asks me to email her information after I explain the context of the referral
7. I email her details and am told to check back in within a couple of weeks as the President is traveling
8. I call as instructed and she mentions that she showed him my information that day
9. A few more days go by and I get an email from the association President to set up an exploratory phone call
10. We get on the phone a few days later
11. He asks for more details and a week to show his Board so they can make a decision
12. I email him the requested items after our phone call
13. Last week he emails me and says we are a go to speak this December in New Orleans!

I share this recent story for one central reason: people are busy and effective follow up does pay off. While I wish it was easier and people would get right back to me, this is often not the case. They move at their pace and in their time frame, not ours.

So, your homework: go back through your files and notes to see who you need to follow up with and pick up the phone or send off a quick email today.

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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