10 Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business with LinkedIn – Part Two

by Serina Kelly - April 25th, 2013


Previously, we covered five marketing tips to help establish yourself as an expert on LinkedIn and ultimately grow your business using this professional networking site with over 200 million registered users in over 200 countries and territories.

Here are the next five tips in our 10 Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business with LinkedIn:
1.Participate in discussions on a regular basis through each joined group – I personally think groups are the true strength of LinkedIn – join a few groups and be active on them – showcasing yourself as an expert in your industry
2.Ask your first-level connections for introductions to their first-level connections who would be a good strategic fit or possible prospect – you may be surprised how many people are more than willing to help you out if they know you and the connection well enough
3.Interact with LinkedIn on a regular basis – even though it is more of a professional business networking site, it is a social media site, so be social and interact with others regularly to keep yourself top of mind
4.Link to articles and content posted elsewhere with a summary of why it is valuable – sharing content from others only adds to your credibility as a trusted advisor
5.Find experts in your field and invite them as a guest blogger, author or a speaker at an event – what a great way to show your appreciation for others’ expertise, and many will want to return the favor in some way

LinkedIn can be a great way to find new clients, providers for services you need, and some great strategic partners. Good luck!

Serina Kelly

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