Be the Change Through Your Business

by Serina Kelly - February 22nd, 2013


Socially responsible business is definitely not a new concept. I remember first hearing about such businesses many years ago, and some examples are Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Paul Newman’s product line, Newman’s Own. A more recent business that has caught media attention the last few years would be Tom’s, Blake Mycoskie’s business that for every pair of shoes sold, another pair of shoes is given away.

A couple buzz words we have been hearing for some time include social entrepreneurship and L3C’s (limited low-profit liability companies), and I believe even though the concept of our businesses being socially responsible is not something new, I think more businesses are definitely seeing how they can make more of a positive impact on the world through social giving.


Not ready to take that leap to becoming a full-fledged socially responsible business, but want some ideas on what you can do? Here are some easy things you can implement today to make a difference in your community, your environment, your world:

•Work together with your staff on a community project, something on a regular basis – could be cleaning up litter or painting local community buildings or helping out with a community fundraiser
•Give staff members an hour off each week to do volunteer work
•Have an office clothing and/or food drive – maybe incentivize it by giving them minutes off of work for every item them bring in
•Mentor someone
•Give out a monthly community service award – to be given to a staff member who shows the most community spirit
•Sponsor a local sports team
•Organize a team for a charity walk/run
•Volunteer to talk about your business at a local school
•Sponsor a child – either locally or overseas
•Donate a percentage of your company’s profits monthly profits to a charitable cause that your employees can choose
•Have a ‘plant a tree’ day
•Donate spare paper and equipment to local schools or organizations

It is my hope one of these ideas just might spark something in my readers to change the world through your business. And, if you are already doing things to make a difference, please tell me and I will feature you in an upcoming blog post.

Even a small step can make a huge difference over time. As my all-time favorite quote read, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Smart man, that Gandhi!

Serina Kelly

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