Content is Now Truly King

by Tony Scelzo - December 11th, 2012

Ten years ago I was a part of a startup, and we had a motto that “content is king”. However, we were a bunch of idealists who really didn’t understand the underpinnings of the big search engines. Even though search engines wanted to deliver the most relevant searches to your users, the reality was technologists figured out ways to “trick” the system and have themselves rank higher than more deserving sites.

What I mean is “content” was not king, understanding the mechanics of search was king. Therefore, the reward for producing the best content was flawed, and SEO as it was known was not a resource that could be measured and driven by business management. Only the most risk tolerant and disciplined companies truly engaged in SEO, realizing the game changed monthly, weekly, even daily.

Why can we now say “Content is King”? Three major reasons:

1. Social: Social media is a direct amplifier to the great stories of great companies.
2. Teaching: Providing educational content is great for clients who are looking to engage, they can sample how you think before they even talk to you, this also helps drive your SEO.
3. Automation: Marketing automation has never been as easy to use, set up, and leverage from a standpoint of cost and development as it is now. This means your website can become an active and efficient part of your sales team, never complaining or taking a day off.

Content has returned to the top of the throne because your content represents you, how you think, how you serve your clients, and the philosophy you have in business and life. It represents your ideology and methodology for doing business.

“Content is King” because of the four inches it represents in between your ears and the ears of your employees, and how well you put that space into action and service.

Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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