Only Women? Nope!

by Cindy Hartman - September 4th, 2012

“Women are leaving the workforce in droves in favor of being at home. Not to be a homemaker, but as job-making entrepreneurs.” This comment was made by Natalie MacNeil, in an article she wrote, titled, “Entrepreneurship Is The New Women’s Movement.”

When I made the decision to start a business, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to DO SOMETHING that was mine! This article encouraged me to think back about what drew me to the home inventory industry. There are as many – if not more – men in the industry than there are women, so it’s certainly not a gender-specific business.

Men might have different reasons to begin this much-needed service. But as a woman, I believe I can speak for our gender – at least in general terms.

Many women seek the following:
flexible schedules
can be done by one person, or a 2-person team
unlimited income potential
small business
a feeling of helping others

All of the above are certainly true with me. Each time I leave a person’s home or business, I know I’ve provided a valuable service that will be paid for hundreds (if not thousands) of times over if the report I created is needed to file a claim.

I also know the heart-ache involved when serving as an executor at one of the saddest times in ones life. Receiving help preparing the state-mandated information is such a relief to the sibling or adult child when settling an estate! The list does on and on describing the various ways I can be of service to others.

This business serves that desire – the driving force that keeps me focused and always seeking one more person to serve.

But only women? Absolutely not! For any person who has it in them to provide a service that fills to many needs, it’s a very rewarding business.

Cindy Hartman
Hartman Inventory, LLC

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