Weeds – Stronger and More Determined Than the Rest of Us

by Serina Kelly - August 31st, 2012


Sometime last year, my mom told my daughter to tell me there was no such things as weeds – she must have said something to Grandma about us killing weeds or something. Now I was quick to point out to both my daughter and my mom that weeds were like the bully in the classroom or on the school bus, you got to put them in their place or they just take over.

Well, with this recent hot summer with no real rain in the forecast, we looked outside on our parched lawn that feels pretty much like dried hay and the only thing green – those freakin’ weeds!

So, what is the lesson learned as I try to relate my everyday life experiences to the business world? I’m still trying to figure it out. Maybe it’s that they are resilient and will fight through and succeed through drought conditions while the rest of us go into hiding until better times? Hmmm – that might be it!

Serina Kelly

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