Yes – Attitude is Everything!

by Tony Rubleski - July 27th, 2012

This past Saturday I had the honor to speak to the entire staff at the Spring Lake Aquatic and Fitness Center (SLAFC). This was the second year in a row they’ve brought me in to share ideas related to referral marketing, customer service and how to stay ahead in a very competitive industry.

Not only are they experiencing growth again in 2012 –something many fitness clubs continually struggle with- but they are on track to keep growing well into 2013.

I meet with and research a TON of businesses each year to see what they do well and what they need to keep working on to get better.

After having had the chance to meet with the leadership team and the entire SLAFC staff again, I could easily pick up and spot multiple reasons as to why they’re not only retaining their current members, but at the same time while they continue to attract new members as well.

Here’s the key ingredient that most people downplay or ignore as to why some organizations grow year-after-year, regardless of the overall economy, and why many have and will continue to experience a tough go at it: the attitude of the entire staff is everything!

I’ve seen firsthand as a member myself at SLAFC, that everyone in the organization treats their job with respect and members, new and old, as friends. It’s amazing how many businesses have people running the day-to-day operations that frankly don’t care about their jobs and run for the exits as soon as the 5pm ‘CLOSED’ sign is turned over on the front door.

I know many of you reading this luckily don’t think or act like this, however far too many businesses still do. Consistently good customer service continues to be hard to find and very few firms pull it off.

So what’s the solution? Two simple things come to mind:

1. Hire people with positive attitudes
2. Focus and invest in ongoing training

Yes, simple advice, but amazingly most businesses either refuse to believe it, or sadly think that training is “too expensive.” My response: Really?

If you have your staff ticking people off or acting like customers are an annoyance or a bother, than it’s no mystery to me that your sales and referrals will continue to drop!

The ‘latest and greatest’ marketing campaign you think will spike up profits will quickly be sabotaged by not your competitors, but something even more sinister: your own employees.

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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