Navigation vs. Planning

by Tony Scelzo - May 16th, 2012

When you are in the middle of creating a start-up business there is one key thing to remember; the market, like “god”, paraphrasing the Irish limerick, will laugh at your plan. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have a plan, a product path or even where you are going with your business. Your plan will not make a business get off the ground. You must navigate. You must take the market, your talent, your light house clients, your network, your investors and your technology and be ok going off- plan but continuing to navigate toward your goal.

Pilots have flight plans. They work very hard at executing those plans, but they also know that the wind, the inclement weather and other ongoing flight patterns may take them off course. When they do that they use their gauges and data to make good decisions on how and where to adjust. As an entrepreneur you need to do the same thing. You need to look at your gauges and the data to make good decisions on how to modify your plan.

Your gauges are your team, your customers and the market that are telling you where to go. Your financials, your sales data and your marketing data tell you what is working in marketing and your product and service and how that they need to evolve.

Listen to your gauges and make decisions from your data and you will arrive!

Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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