by Danny OMalia - April 23rd, 2012


I’ve never been a big fan of Best Buy. Recently the company announced it’s closing 50 stores. I think I know one reason for this. They fail miserably to EMPOWER their employees.

The late Mary Kay Ash said it eloquently: “I’ve been successful because I try to hire really nice people and then let them be as nice as they can be.” I’ve never felt this when visiting Best buy.

Recently a client of one of my CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING programs shared his last “Best Buy Experience.”

Already peeved with Best Buy, he saw an ad for a pc he needed at the store. He called ahead to be sure the item was available at the price advertised and was told it would be. He then drove to the store, found the product, took it to the counter and watched the girl begin typing on the “register.”

After 30 seconds or so, he was given the bad news. “We can’t sell you this item because it’s not in the system.” He explained he’d even called ahead. No dice. He asked for the manager and got the same sorry answer. No offer to try to get the item entered into the system. He left the store frustrated and angry. He shared the story with me and his fellow employees. Now I share it with you.

My kids gave me SIRIUS Radio for my 60th birthday a while back. Now it doesn’t work. It was installed at Best Buy. I’m not looking forward to THAT experience.

PLEASE business owners. Hire good people. Train them well. BACK THEM UP and EMPOWER them! I beg you!

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