Teach what they Need, It is about them not You

by Tony Scelzo - December 21st, 2011

One of my sales mentors Tim Roberts, with Sandlers Sales Training in Indianapolis or TrustPointe used to say very simply it is not about you it is about them. Meaning focus on your prospects and clients instead of yourself and your business will grow. He inspired me to create a strategy.

The strategy is simple:

1. Immerse yourself in your target clients problems and industry
2. Use all your knowledge and leverage to create solutions for the problems your target industry faces.
3. Commit to create “breakthrough technologies, techniques, tactics or strategies for your target clients.”
4. Apply them directly to your clients’ real world business operations and then get real data, real business cases and most of all real results.
5. Offer the best practices you learned to help your target create a solution for themselves by aggregating them together and teaching them all at once.

This idea of making it about your prospect and clients has grown into a proactive action of working on their businesses for them. Why? Most of us get so caught up working in the business that we rarely have time to look back and work on it. Truth be told ten years as a business coach I have been as guilty as anybody for this business sin.

Let me ask you this? Let’s say you are sick and you need some medicine or a rehabilitation? How willing would you be to buy from the Doctor who has analyzed your charts as well as 100 other people that have your disease. He has designed a program for people at your stage of the disease and has a day by day plan of proven rehabilitation that you can follow just like 100s of your peers.

Do you really care how much it costs?

Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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