Let Your Freak Flag Fly

by Serina Kelly - November 10th, 2011


My daughter is a drama queen – no, really, she is an actress in the making. This past summer, she participated in the Hendricks County Civic Theater weeklong camp, and she came away with the Shining Star award for her age group. Told you she is our drama queen.

One of the songs they sang and danced to, and our household still sings and dances to it, is “Let Your Freak Flag Fly,” and it’s about being yourself – your true self. Never take it down and raise it way up high! Remember, it’s just how you were hatched!

I have gotten into many discussions, and even some big arguments, when it comes to letting yourself be yourself on social media. I understand some people are hesitant to really show their true colors in life, let alone on social media, but again, we all do business with people we know, like, and trust. Am I going to truly trust you if I think you are not being real or authentic?

Now maybe your quirkiness annoys or turns off some people, but others will find it endearing, funny, and charming. Wouldn’t it be cool to do business with those who think you are pretty darn amazing instead of having to play the part you think people want to see?

I’m all about letting your freak flag fly! It’s got to make life a heck of a lot more interesting! We spend way too much time working to have to work at being someone you’re not. Let it fly, baby, let it fly!

Serina Kelly

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