Are you a Fireman or a Parade Captain?

by Tony Scelzo - November 16th, 2011

What kind of sales person are you?

The Parade Captain:
Many of us in B to B sales really work very hard on developing our marketing and sales materials to reflect our very best. We create, tweak and develop our best marketing materials including testamonials, case studies, statistics and business cases.

We get the meeting, present to the client w/ our our splendor and promptly get put into “voicemail hell” wondering why the client that seemed so interested in our parade didn’t buy what the floats represented.

The Fireman:
Then there is the fireman. The fireman comes in axe in hand, probing, striking to the heart of the matter looking for fire or signs of fire, smoke, spark anything out of line that he might care for to make sure the prospect is safe. If need be he goes back to the truck gets a hose, a big ladder, the jaws of life or a power saw, he does, but only the tools needed to put out the fire. Then after the fire is out and the client and family is safe. The fireman goes into advising what they can do to avoid such fires and maybe invites them to come back to the station to see what they can do to help themselves prevent the next fire.

Seth Godin said “No one will pay attention to your parade when their house is on fire” and this is so relevant today’s business to business selling environment.

I can’t get you to listen to how to rebrand your company when you know your competition is number one in Google.

I can’t get you to listen to sales process improvement when your number one salesmen has been taken by your competition and their is no non-compete.
I can’t get you to listen to new strategies on lead generation when you don’t have enough bandwidth to follow up on current leads.

I can’t get you to listen to how to hire effectively when you can’t make payroll.

If you sell, you have to go to the fire. You have to have the weapons to put out the fire and yes then you will be the hero that will be trusted to take care of anything else your prospects might need.

Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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