NVS Design – Chatting with Chad (Brittian)

by John Gifford - August 8th, 2011

Our focus today is on NVS Design, Inc. Owned by Chad Brittian, it is a boutique design agency offering a wide range of services to its clients.

Chad, when did you start your company and why?

I started it in January 2010. I felt that there wasn’t a company in Indianapolis that offered new, innovative, and contemporary graphic design. Florida and California are often seen as the leaders in the creative department and I wanted to break the barrier and show that there are just as talented individuals/companies in the Midwest.

In a nutshell what does NVS Design provide?

At NVS Design we provide everything from something as simple as a logo to something as complex as a full vehicle graphic wrap.

Services offered:
Logo Design
Website Design and Hosting
Brochure Design
Business Cards
Complete Vehicle and wall graphics
Marketing/Advertising services

Were you always destined to own a design company?

I knew from the time I could hold a pencil that I liked to draw. Throughout my adolescence I took every opportunity I could that involved designing. As I approached my final years of high school I started to ponder, how I would be able to utilize my talent towards a career I could be proud of. By my junior year of high school, after I saw an ad in Hot Rod Magazine for the Chevrolet Camaro I knew I was hooked. It was amazing to see the creativity behind the ad and see something on paper really come to life. I wanted to be able to share my ideas with companies that could profit from my creativity, and utilize my ability to design and draw. I researched more about the possibilities available and decided that Advertising and Graphic Design to be right up my alley.

Tell us about the start-up of your company.

I remember when I first decided to start out on my new venture how scared and unsure I was. I also had quite a few people think I was a little crazy to start a new business in an economy on a downward spiral, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. For the first year I worked out of my home, obtaining clients anyway I could. The name of my company helped in getting my work noticed, a simple play on words — NVS Design playing off of the word envious. At first I wasn’t sure if the name would work because so may people asked me what the letters N V S stood for without realizing the double entendre. Once I explained the phrasing it really stayed with these potential clients. I was even being told later that the reason some of these potential leads went with my company was because they remembered the name and wanted their business to be envied because of their design.

I started designing for next to nothing just to get my ideas out into the world. As my work began to expand I started to meet some of the more influential people of Indianapolis with the connections that I needed to ensure my business’ success. After several events with Ovar’ Coming Together which is the Ovarian Cancer Society of Indiana I was able to connect to Down Syndrome Indiana which gave me the opportunity to be a part of one of the Indianapolis 500 events.

With exposure for my design and additional opportunities coming my way I knew it was time to expand. As I worked I began to learn a lot about my field, and what it was like to care so much about what I was doing. This was my baby and it embodied what I stood for and what I had worked so hard to achieve. After joining several networking groups in the Indianapolis area, and going to several events so that I could begin to get my company recognized I finally really began to increase my volume and make this passion turn into a true career.

With a client base that spans from California to Florida I feel we have really begun to take off. With new services such as vehicle graphics and 3D video animation added to our wide array of services I feel we are headed in the right direction of being a one stop shop for any business looking to expand their business’ marketing and strengthen their brand identity into something they can truly be proud of.

What motivates you to do this business?

I think the ability to come up with design and marketing that has not been seen before is quite empowering. To think that something I create may help a company succeed financially because of the help of my graphic design and marketing makes me feel like I am contributing in a big way to the local businesses in and around the Indianapolis area.

What is the benefit/value added that your product/service provides to the customer?

A few of the benefits with our company is our close relationship to each and every one of our clients. Whether it is a small or big project we also work to ensure the client gets the most out of their budget without breaking the bank. Good design and marketing doesn’t have to come from a huge company; it just has to come from a company that genuinely cares about its clients and the clients’ overall goals.

What differentiates you from other companies in the same field?

I would say the newer contemporary feel we give our clients really helps to sell our services because it tends to make the client feel as though they are “remodeling” their company to a more up-to-date look; that makes the client feel as though they are staying on top of their marketing and standing out among their competitors.

We are a much younger company in comparison to a lot of our competitors. It’s because of this that I really like to push the limits. As we build our design reputation I think this gives us an edge to pave the way to design that can truly be envied.

You had mentioned some of your customers before. Tell me some of the others.

Most of our customer base consists of smaller, locally owned “mom and pop” companies. We also like to give back so we work closely with several not-for-profit organizations around the Indianapolis area.

We have a wide customer base with clients ranging from Auto Service Repair Shops to Law Firms.
Some of our existing clients are Autism Society of Indiana, Papa Johns, Knollfest, Bubbaz Bar and Grille, Down Syndrome Indiana, Riccis Dining and Catering, Dream Street Graphics, and Great Deals Magazine just to name a few.

What is something that few people know about your compnany but should?

Few people realize that we can do fully integrated marketing campaigns and take care of the client’s needs from art production all the way to print and even mailing if necessary.

How are you currently marketing your company?

We are marketing with ITEX Indiana which is a great bartering program that has allowed us to grow and make several connections. We’re also a member of Rainmakers which is an Indiana networking business group. We advertise in Great Deals Savings Magazine along with several other publications; we are on the radio and use a Camaro to showcase our design ability around town.

Are there companies or individuals you would like to team up with in a collaborative arrangement?

We are always looking for other individuals and companies in our field to team up with. It takes team effort when running a small business to succeed and it is not something that can always be done alone. We currently have several partnerships with similar companies around town to ensure we can offer the most comprehensive services to our clients with the quality they should expect and deserve.

Are there new plans you have for adding a product/service to your offerings or a new niche you will pursue?

As I previously mentioned we have just added floor, wall and vehicle graphics and wraps to our list of services. We have been lucky enough to partner with a company that has been designing in this field for over 15 years. With their knowledge of material, print and installation and our design capability we feel this is going to be an exciting new venture for the company.

What is the most important thing you have learned since being in business?

I have learned to not take everything so personally and realize that no matter what, you cannot make everyone happy every single time. I strive to run a company that I can be proud of and work to ensure my clients are satisfied with the services we provide. While there are bumps in the road at times I know that we put our best foot forward and try to learn from the mistakes we make and do our best to make it right.

Chad, thanks for letting us know a little bit about your company.

Chad Brittian
Owner, NVS Design, Inc.

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