Are you taking enough of THIS?

by Scott Manning - August 22nd, 2011


Oh, without question, the answer is no.
You aren’t.
I’m not.
No one is, really.

Of course you are wondering what is *THIS*.
And I’m going to tell you.
First, let me lay some groundwork.

If there were to be one secret above all other secrets,
One thing that is the single most fundamental requirement of success,

It would be *THIS*.

If you were to carefully examine and study the most successful people in the world.
The people with the most control, most money, most opportunity…

They all have more than just about anyone else of *THIS*.

Okay, enough playing games, its just that after I tell you what *THIS* is, there’s a
chance you’ll want to stop reading, which is actually my entire point for writing
this message today.

I am certain, 100%, for sure that when a person fully embraces what I’m about to say
in their business and life, EVERYTHING else begins to fall into place, at least doors begin to open, people begin to take notice…and actually, you simply (and
very importantly) feel differently, better, about yourself.


Yeah, I know, but before you discount it.
Think about it
Let it soak in

The more *RESPONSIBILITY* you have, get, accept
The more you are in control…

The secret is to TAKE, not just have, get, accept, but TAKE as much *RESPONSIBILITY*
as you possibly can.

As fast as I can, I’m going to give you some examples.

There’s one man in front of the media right now along with a whole “house” full of
others who continually pass off *RESPONSIBILITY* on the next guy, the next term, the
next party, the next generation…and on and on and on.

Problems occur when *RESPONSIBILITY* is not taken.
You are seeing an example of that right now.

More importantly, since you’ve got no control over what they do, let’s talk about
what you can control…YOURSELF, as example.

Your business
Your prices
Your marketing
Your customers
Your employees
The achievement of your goals
The balance in your bank account

Oh, here’s a good one, YOUR DAILY BEHAVIORS and productivity.

Some of this I mentioned before and because a whole lot of stuff happens in my
life in a week, I got no idea what I said…pardon any repeat, although, it just
means it’s important.

If you want to make more money – take more responsibility.

I always remembered the funny Zig Ziglar quote where someone would say in response to
“how ya doin?”

And he said they’d start by saying “under the circumstances”

And Zig would say, “I always wondered what they were doing under there in the first

Look, bad things happen to good people – that’s not the difference between the rich and the
poor, only the responsibility they take when it does.

I know people who literally get mad or frustrated that their customers don’t respond
to an offer or give them money, as if it’s their customer’s fault. Perhaps sending
emails like this religiously, showing that you care about your customers even when
you are NOT asking them for money would help. Then again, you could ask them what
they actually want. You could take responsibility for the type of customers on your
list…perhaps you settled for cheapest and easiest therefore not best buyers to
begin with.

To me, people sitting down in their business expecting money, customers,
opportunity, ANYTHING to happen FOR them, is no different than the person sitting
around collecting unemployment just waiting around for something better to happen AS
IF it’s going to without them actually DOING something first.

So many entrepreneurs and business people simply lack responsibility.
Without a doubt, we all should TAKE more.

So many entrepreneurs and business people pretend to be independent, goal-striving,
serious about success individuals, yet they live, breathe, and operate their
businesses with an ENTITLEMENT philosophy.

The only thing you are entitled to is RESPONSIBILTY over your own results.

Hey, no sense me wasting your time telling you anything but the truth…it doesn’t
build a good customer…and eventually you’d see through it and I’d be letting you
down. A lot say they want one thing but acting in total contradiction to that
want…you can fool yourself into believing it for only so long, eventually your
conscious mind catches up with what your subconscious already knew, eventually your
friends find out, and your bank account will always be a reflection of it.

Okay, rather than just beat you up over this, how about some RESPONSIBILTY Muscle
Building Exercises…which IS the way to do it.

1. Set yourself up for success. If you are trying to lose weight you can’t keep the
donuts on the counter and look at them to try to build self-discipline, if only you
were that strong…you have to eliminate them. Same with excuses. No more. Honest
2. Start by getting clear on ONE goal that you want to achieve
3. And then determine the first and most important action that you should take
4. Have a team of people to share that goal with – like, say, a Mastermind Group
5. Put yourself in an environment that will remind you of success, arm you with
tools, and make you feel silly if you don’t keep your commitments because everyone
else around you is.
6. Wake up every day and know what the ONE key responsibility you have made to
yourself that you must get done

Okay, a few different ones that will really help you out –
1. Avoid unnecessary responsibilities, those that don’t relate to your goals and
2. STOP taking on others responsibilities so you have more time/room for your own.
3. Reward yourself when you keep your commitments
4. STOP being negative, you should be too busy working on all the stuff that’s going
well, all the things moving forward, slowing down to dwell on the other stuff only
sabotages the positive.
5. If you don’t have enough things moving forward, do more things.
6. Step up to challenges, make swift decisions, be confident, and deal with problems
don’t ignore them, pretend they aren’t there, or anything else…responsible people

My favorite illustration of this is the star athlete who makes it big time.
Now there are a lot of not so great things about a lot of people in the lime light.
But, the one thing they’ve all got right, and have to, in order to make it to the
top of their field, just like the person at the top of their industry…

They’ve got to take control over EVERYTHING they can get their hands on.
It’s why Michael Jordan ALWAYS wanted the Ball.
It’s why Peyton Manning runs the team.
You can insert other examples here…

These people WANT the responsibility of victory.
They believe that the best way to have a shot at the results they want is by taking
control and doing everything in their power to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

I’m here to tell you, whatever the situation you are in right now, where ever you
want to go, the vehicle of success is guided by responsibility.

You will get where you want to be by DOING EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO GET THERE.
Excuses won’t do it.
Waiting won’t do it.
Only DOING IT will make it happen.

I found this insightful, a definition of responsibility:
The obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion.
With responsibility goes authority to direct and take the necessary action to ensure

Scott Manning, President - Manning Methods, LLC. Contact by phone 317 407-3382 or email

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