Iconic Media Duo Shares Love of Travel

by Jon Quick and John Gifford - June 10th, 2011

Ann Craig-Cinnamon has always had a love for travel. Now she and her husband John Cinnamon — both of whom were Indianapolis radio show hosts for over two decades — can share that wanderlust with others through their new business, the CruiseOne travel franchise.

When Ann was asked what was the most exotic and interesting place she and her husband had ever visited, she picked Easter Island, the most remote inhabited island in the world. As she describes their Easter Island trip you can hear in her voice her infatuation with travel.

“You can only fly to Easter Island from Chile or Tahiti. We went from Tahiti. In case you’re not familiar with it, Easter Island, known to the natives as Rapa Nui, is the home of the Moai statues, those tall monolithic roughly hewn human figures that have been a mystery for a thousand years. No one is sure why they were made or how they got them from the mountain quarry to the coastline miles away where they were placed on pedestals. There are hundreds of these statues all over the island and you can literally walk right up to them and touch them. There is a quarry full of Moai that were never completed that is eery and looks like a moia graveyard.

We were there on New Year’s Eve and stayed in a cabin right on the coast with a view of the Pacific Ocean and the island’s only city, Hanga Roa, which is small and quaint. We rang in the new year with a bottle of champaign while watching fireworks over Hanga Roa from the patio of our cabin. The next day, New Year’s Day, we rented a scooter and set out to explore the island. There isn’t a spot on the island that doesn’t have a view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We drove along the rugged, stark coastline and stopped along the way to examine some Moia up close or just watched the waves hit the rocky shore.

An almost treacherous ride up to the summit of the island’s inactive volcano gave us our best view. We could look down into the now-quiet crater that was responsible for giving birth to this tiny island. Near the crater are the ruins of a major Rapa Nui village where you can walk amongst what is left of their homes. We visited ancient caves where the natives left paintings and other artifacts. But mostly we just enjoyed exploring this tropical island that few people in the world have ever seen. There were no crowds anywhere and it was almost like we were the only people left on earth. It was one of our favorite, best days ever.”

After over two decades of waking up the city of Indianapolis as hosts of highly ranked morning shows on stations like WENS and Smooth Jazz WYJZ, the iconic radio team of Ann Craig and John Cinnamon has now made their love of travel into an exciting new business.

As new owners of their CruiseOne travel franchise, Ann and John are ready to send the people of Indianapolis and surrounding regions on some of the greatest adventures of their lives. According to Ann, “John and I decided that it made perfect sense for us to enter the travel business. The Yellow Pages are full of travel agents, but there are probably very few that can claim they have visited all 50 states, 65 countries and six continents across 500,000 miles. John and I can.”

John adds, “In all candor, Ann and I are not just travelers, we’re travel experts. We have cruised extensively, including five Caribbean cruises, two Mediterranean, one Baltic and one Alaskan cruise, plus extensive land travel covering Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa and such exotic locales as Tibet, Easter Island, The Great Barrier Reef and The Great Wall of China. We have enjoyed such famous celebrations as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and will be attending Oktoberfest 2011 in Munich, Germany.”

Their new enterprise, CruiseOne is, in fact, is much more than a cruise company. Ann and John can recommend and book land, sea or air travel to most any country in the world. They state, “We’re proud to be part of CruiseOne, one of the nation’s most trusted and well known travel companies with over 30 years of experience. And with our high volume, we’re often less expensive than all the others.”

For Ann, the love of travel came at an early age. She was part of a family that traveled often, across the nation and around the world. Shortly after her first marriage at the age of 19, Ann and her then husband actually lived in Tehran (Iran) for one and a half years. She is currently writing a book about her time there.

It was more than sweet luck and irony when she met John Cinnamon while they were both working at WENS (Now Hank FM/Emmis) in Indianapolis. They soon found out they had a mutual love of visiting every corner of the world. And after getting married in 1995, theybegan to travel together. Ann states, “We both enjoy the traditional places, but even more-so we have a love for the out-of-the way and little known attractions both in the United States and abroad. It’s never unusual for us to visit a country, and rent a car, or even walk, to discover some of the most amazing people and sites on this earth.”

Besides being on stations like WENS and WNAP (where Ann was most likely the first woman to be a permanent part of a morning show on Indianapolis Radio) Ann and/or John have also worked at WIFE, WPDS TV (now FOX 59), Network Indiana, and WZPL, among others.

Additionally, Ann co-anchored The Indiana Business Show aired on WTHR Channel 13. Each has also been a commercial spokesperson on radio and TV for many local and national clients.

It was at WENS where Ann hosted the Riley Hospital Radiothon for Children for seven years, raising more than $2 million. Ann and John have volunteered for many other local charities, including the New Life Home/Amani Children’s Foundation. While at WYJZ, the couple created and implemented an on-air fundraiser for an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Later Ann and John personally delivered thousands of dollars, clothing and medicine to the New Life Home there in 2005.

Born in Louisville, Ann received her BA degree in the Honors Program at Indiana University.

John is a Toulon, Illinois, native and graduated from Western Illinois University with a BA in Mass Communication.

The mother of two children, Ann resides with John in Greenwood Indiana.

Ann and John are available for media appearances, speaking engagements, travel events and seminars.

Contact: Ann Craig | 317.535.5763 | www.CruiseOne.com/acinnamon_

Jon Quick – President/Partner
12115 Castle Row Overlook
Carmel, IN 46033

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