Back in Action – What a Great Way to Help Children Dealing with Cancer and its Treatments

by Serina Kelly - April 19th, 2011


Most people who know me, know I have been going to Nunn’s Performance Training for, gosh, it’s been about two years now. Do I go because my trainer, Jason Nunn, is this nice guy? No, most days when I’m working out, I want to cuss him out (not really, but I joke with him about it). Sometimes I would wonder if he had a heart.

Well, he does – and it’s a mighty big one! He and his wife, Valerie, have started a non-profit called Back in Action, where they help kids who have gone through chemotherapy treatments for cancer. While these therapies help the children fight off cancer, it causes atrophy to the bone, connective, and muscle tissue, making them weaker and more susceptible to injury.

Their goal is to provide training for these kids to get them fit enough to return to sports at no cost to the parents, and their first fundraiser, a fitness challenge, is May 21 at 10th Street Sports Center. It’s open to both men and women to compete – and all proceeds are going to a great cause!

Don’t want to compete in the fitness challenge? Well, there are other ways to get involved! Call Jason at 812-251-7585 or check out their website.

Serina Kelly

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