What is Your Special Skill Set?

by Serina Kelly - March 31st, 2011


You know that feeling when you buy a car, and you think it’s unique in some way – maybe the color, and then you see that same car everywhere you go? Well, recently, I have been having this feeling a lot. It seems everywhere I turn, I hear about someone who is starting some sort of relationship marketing business. It can get a bit frustrating now and then as many of these new business owners are told they should call me and ask me for advice. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love helping people out, and I understand there is a big pie – and we all can get a piece of it. But, the bottom line, it seems my competition just here locally is growing quite a bit.

When I recently talked about this to some business owners I am friends with, it became very apparent to me again that you have to both niche and figure out your special skill set. Now even though I know I have many skills – I mean this in such a way of being confidence, but not cocky – I have been told numerous times my true special skill set is genuinely caring about you and your business. I am very honest and authentic with clients, potential clients and those who ask for my advice. I’m okay with the fact that I am not the best writer or the best at social media, but I know I am one of the best at actually caring about people. And in the world of relationship marketing, that is a skill set for sure.

What’s your special skill set?

Serina Kelly

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