The World Needs You to Step Up and Take Action

by Tony Rubleski - March 10th, 2011

No one can save you but yourself. You must reengage your talents, ideas, habits, knowledge base, associations and dreams to turn things around in your own life. The bailout mentality is a short term illusion that does not solve long-term problems. If we’re to turn the economy around it will require you to move past the status quo thinking of “security” to a new paradigm of trusting in your own God-given abilities and working on them relentlessly. My friend Patrick Snow describes this process as “creating your own destiny” and he’s spot on with his assessment.

Great ideas and solutions are always present. The challenge for most of us is to capture them when they strike and act on them. There’s no shortage of ideas. The world has millions of great ideas floating around looking for the right person to seize and mold them into physical form. The real challenge is a shortage of belief in the ideas, and an even greater shortage of those who act on them.

12 great ways to “Capture” the power of innovation and
take more positive action within your life:

#1. Study and read in multiple disciplines

#2. Always maintain curiosity as to why things are the way they are

#3. Listen for problems in your market or industry and create or find ways to solve them

#4. Learn how great organizations get ahead and model their success within your business

#5. Always capture and record great ideas immediately when they strike by having a pen and paper ready

#6. Bounce new ideas off of key associates, customers, and those you network with online and offline

#7. Circulate by attending new events

#8. Hang around successful people and soak in their wisdom and ideas

#9. Make it a goal to implement one new idea into your business at least once a week

#10. Get in better physical shape so you can cultivate more mental and physical energy

#11. Ask questions and make it a goal to learn at least one new thing per day that advances your goals

#12. Build leisure and goof off time within your busy schedule as many of the best ideas will hit you when you least expect it and are in a relaxed state of mind

By the way, check out Tony’s new book, “Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change” from which this article is an excerpt.

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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