Avoid Blacklisting with CRM Tool

by Heid - March 18th, 2011

There’s nothing worse than getting your company domain listed on a search engine’s blacklist. Okay, maybe some things are worse than a blacklist, but for your company to leverage the Internet to generate sales, a blacklisted domain is pretty much doomed.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea, if your company’s domain finds its way onto a search engine’s blacklist, there are ways to rescue it. But that will drive you to down a bottle of Excedrin Migraine. In fact, the process might drive you batty. And let’s not think about the potential of lost revenue — ouch!

But you can avoid getting blacklisted if you use a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, for example Address Two.

What is a Small Business CRM?

Customer relationship management software was originally developed for large businesses to manage large client bases. But the same solution can keep small businesses organized too. A small business CRM offers several solutions:

Big businesses typically “deal with” customers, but rarely build relationships with them. With a simple CRM, mom-and-pop companies have the tools to build relationships and take some of the market share away from the big dogs.

More important, a small business CRM that is attached to email marketing tools gives small business owners the options they need to reach out to customers and clients in a big way.

Using a small business CRM also stops search engines from blacklisting your company’s domain. A simple CRM is one easy solution to take back your email address and ensure the messages sent to your customers are, in fact, yours.

Using a small business CRM and email marketing tool offers you several advantages:

Management and quality control in a big business are far more challenging and require more rigid controls than in a small business where the owner knows the staff by name.

In small business, the owner is both the purchaser of CRM as well as the #1 sales person. In big business, the purchaser of CRM often times hasn’t spoken to a real customer in years, if ever.

Besides using a small business CRM to manage and build relationships with customers and clients, a simple CRM that joins the power of email marketing will stop search engines from flagging and blacklisting your domain.

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